Vanessa Bruno

Raised by a Danish mother and a French father, the stylist made the most of her various and precious origins to build her brand, a unique Maison, intrinsically tied to the timeless aura and mystery
of the Parisian woman.
Her designs are minimalist yet sophisticated.
The fabric is cut into pure lines aiming at enhancing those modern women's silhouette. Comfort imposes itself through elegance.
Thus, in Vanessa's hands, a cotton canvas, a few sequins and a simple shape were enough to transform an everyday object into a timeless and essential fashion accessory: the iconic Cabas tote.
Since 1996 - when her brand was born and her first store was opened
in Japan - she has been designing clothes for women who are like her: independent, urban, gipsy, boho, sophisticated and elegant.
With her unique style, Vanessa Bruno offers women what they have always been looking for: being able to feel comfortable without any compromise on elegance.

Nice fabrics, refined finishing touches, comfortable cuts…
Both modern and nostalgic, the collections are linked with
a consistent signature but are always unique. Vanessa has
a boundless energy that she expresses within each creation
she imagines and each silhouette she composes.
Every season, the stylist enjoys trespassing the norms and common rules, with a unique talent. In her hands, each design perfectly fits the daily life while reinventing it.
For Vanessa, clothes must fit a woman's habits. It shouldn't be the other way round.

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